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Premium pest control.
Superior service.

At Green Mango Pest, we have created a solid foundation by being a true innovator in the industry. We love what we do and want nothing more than to provide our customers with the highest class customer service and the best pesticides on the market all the while embracing technology as the anchor of our prosperity and growth.

Award-Winning Services

Mosquito Abatement

They aren't just annoying. Mosquitos effortlessly spread disease in droves. Our potent treatments target all 4 stages of mosquito development to attack eggs, block breeding, and exterminate adults.

Termite Treatment

Termites can destroy your home, or you can do it for them if you don't get professional help. We're proud to offer long-term termite protection plans with warranties for up to 10 years...so you nver have to worry about termites again.

Specialty Services

Scorpions and termites aren't the only dangers lurking in Arizona. Our breakthrough technology and specialty treatments protect against all kinds of deadly and persistent pests. From common ones like roaches, snakes, fleas, and ticks to covert killers like roof rats and bed bugs -- we can handle them all.

Weed Treatment

Pests aren't the only thing we kill and people aren't the only thing we protect. We'll clear your yard of unsightly weeds and protect your plants from dangerous chemicals and intruders.

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What Sets Us Apart

You won’t find our products on the shelves of Home Depot. Our technicians aren’t trained to cut corners. We don’t rely on risky and outdated solutions. And nobody else offers promises like ours. From our specialized equipment and innovative treatments to our modern approach, you can’t find more reliable service. And that’s just 1 of 2 guarantees. The other? Our renowned ‘Scorpion-Free Guarantee’: spot a scorpion and we’ll be back in no time. Go ahead. Put us to the test. 

Trusted Technicians

Our technicians go through a background check, drug test, and extensive in-house training backed by more than a decade of unrivaled results. You can expect them to be prompt, polite, and knowledgeable.


More protection. More value. More care. We guarantee pests are gone by leveraging superior equipment like truck-mounted power sprayers instead of mini backpacks, 3 times the volume of trusted products instead of half-full handcans, and proven processes others can’t replicate.


Don’t waste your money on industry dinosaurs that haven’t upgraded their products in decades. Unlike them, we use natural products on the interior of your home and organically-derived products on the exterior — these solutions never put your pets or family in harm’s way.


Over a Decade of Premium Prevention